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Strength Training for Runners... "Running guru, seriously WTF!" Find out the truth about MOST of the strength training for runners articles out there.... Click to read more >>>
Why aren't you making the gains like you used to... "Sleep!" Find out why you may not be improving like you used to and what three things to change that will kick start your gains.... Click to read more >>>
Goal Setting? Forget being SMART, it's time to SWEAR... "Get comfortable being uncomfortable" How to set your goals, whatever your life, fitness and adventure plans are... Click to read more >>>
Read if you want to improve... "Training is a tiny part of achieving your goals..." There are very few products that I endorse for various reasons from fad to no one rule/training method for all, however... Click to read more >>>
How do I train for an ultra... So how exactly should you train for a multi stage ultra marathon? My approach to training is very different from most training plans you will find on the internet or in a running text book. Click to read more >>> Stuart finishes an amazing 7th in the Grand to Grand... "Strength comes from within...." After being self sufficient for 6 stages, 260km, through sand dunes, canyons, scrambling up and down sandstone features, CA trainer Stuart has finished 7th position in the Grand to Grand Click to read more >>> What to wear whilst training or running outdoors... "Onions have layers and so should you" As the hint of rain and a temperature drop came this weekend, I've put a blog together that covers what you should wear when training outdoors Click to read more >>> Like clean white powder... "Have more fun on the white stuff" A week a year is all that a lot of us can manage to spend away skiing and it's all so common to not only get injured, but also to spend a lot of time resting because of tired and sore legs,......... Click to read more >>>
Yes you Can... "Unless you try something beyond what you have already mastered, you will never grow" In my humble opinion if you have a strong enough will and motivation, barring serious injury or illness anyone could finish an ultra... Click to read more >>>
No Time..... One of the most common excuses for not exercising is 'but I didn't have time'! Absolute nonsense!!!!! Ok, this is gonna sound harsh, and may sting a little, but using the i didn't have enough time Click to read more >>>
WHY... by trainer Stuart This is a question that I am sure any one who has ever done something deemed unusual or 'abnormal' has been asked………why? My initial response is always 'why not'? Click to read more >>>
Diet - fad or fiction "Plant a tree instead" So much is said about diets and the effects of diets that is hardly true. These days a new fad diet hits the health magazines and papers almost every week. But none of them address... Click to read more >>>
Outdoor Fitness Article Outdoor Fitness magazine recently asked me to put together an article for their May 2013 issue to help people improve their endurance and also step up to the next distance in running and cycling. Click to read more >>> Obesity Rant... News today "Sugar is behind explosion in type 2 diabetes independent of obesity" and "1 in 4 adults is obese" and "1 in 5 British children aged 10 and 11 is obese" Everyone please stop making excuses or trying to blame someone else Click to read more >>> Gym Free Training! Just because you can't get to the gym because of time or simply can't afford to join doesn't mean that it's game over for all your exercise plans or a reason not to achieve your goals. The following routine can be done at home, in your garden, in the park Click to read more >>> Trainer Stuart's Grand to Grand Training blog - Part 1 6 STAGES, 7 DAYS • SELF-SUPPORTED FOOT RACE • 169 MILES (273KM) As I start this blog there are just 62 days left until the start of my next ultra marathon adventure. Like all multi day stage races the Grand to Grand is a self supported Click to read more >>>
Eccentric, Moi... If you need a bit more variety to your session or want to take it to the next level, add an eccentric phase into your training. As always, stay strict on every rep, but don't be afraid to 'cheat' or get assistance for the concentric element of the movement. Click to read more >>> Ed Stafford Naked... Ok, sorry to disappoint, Ed Stafford partly naked! Last year I had the pleasure of training Ed Stafford of 'Walking the Amazon' fame in preparation for his new series with Discovery Channel, which will see him surviving on an island near Fiji. Click to read more >>> Expedition Training / Fitness Whether you're planning a major expedition or just an active adventure such as a mountaineering or skiing trip, ensure that you can get the most out of it by not overlooking your own physical fitness. Click to read more >>> Dynamic Warm-up running I wrote this article for Zest magazine towards the end of last year. Click to read more >>>
That's How I Roll How many of you consider a warm-up to be keeping your tracksuit jacket on until you're stood in front of the mirror!? Trust me I've seen many walk into a training area straight from the changing room, load up a bar and knock out a few poorly performed reps that just scream Click to read more >>> It's not the size of the dog... If you want something enough, stay disciplined and focussed and most importantly train smart you will achieve your goal! Click to read more >>> Home Chest / Tris My girlfriend didn't make it to the gym yesterday, so wanted to train when she got home. It was a chest and triceps day for her so using a set of press up bars and a resistance tube with door attachment I came up with this session for her: Click to read more >>> Struggling With Motivation... Aiming high? Well done, but whether it's a New Year's resolution or an on-going health or fitness goal it's totally normal to have moments when the goal seems unattainable or that progress is slow. Click to read more >>>
 Military fitness classes with a difference "Fail to plan, plan to fail" Let me educate you into the world of bootcamps and military fitness classes.... Click to read more >>> Men's Running Cover Shoot During last summer I did a cover shoot for Men's Running for a winter edition of Men's Running. Click to read more >>> Post Run/Exercise Stretch Yesterday I posted a blog with an article about running warm ups that I did for Zest magazine. This is the next instalment, which is how to stretch post run Click to read more >>> Improving Your Bleep Test Score The bleep test or multi stage fitness test is used by many sports teams, schools and forces (armed through to emergency services) throughout the world as part of their selection criteria or annual fitness assessments. Click to read more >>>
Jungle Marathon Classes I'm currently running Jungle Marathon classes in association with the ultimate in outdoor clothing, UVU, at The Third Space gym and what's more these classes are available to non members of the gym too! Click to read more >>> Little Black Dress Article As the party season is fast approaching I thought I would post an article that I did last year for Zest magazine! Click to read more >>> Febreze Experiment Back in October of last year I was fortunate to be asked to be involved with a Febreze Experiment in Westfield Shopping Centre in Stratford, hosted by Stephen Mulhern. A willing volunteer, Adam, lived in a perspex box for four days and had Click to read more >>> UVU Jungle Marathon 2012 Well what can I say, it feels a lot longer than three weeks since I was running through the Amazon rainforest in what has been pitted as the most dangerous ultra marathon in the world! A race that would see me run self sufficient Click to read more >>>
Motivational Speaking I gave a motivational presentation to Harper Collins in Hammersmith this morning, that threw up lots of questions and gave a lot of food for thought, regarding approaches to being active and how to make good nutrition an ongoing lifestyle and not just a fad that you fall in and out of. Click to read more >>>
Essential strength training for winter sports... "Don't eat yellow snow" In one of my previous blogs I mentioned why it's a good idea to train prior to your winter sports holiday. This is the next instalment of training advice for you skiers and snowboarders out there. Click to read more >>>