Commando Raid - Group fitness classes with a difference - by Jon "The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence" Confucius Every business comes out with obvious marketing claims to attract new business and also to make them stand out amongst their competitors, so what I'm going to do is to explain our claims and also to educate you into the world of bootcamps and military fitness classes. The main 'physical' differences... Military fitness classes and bootcamps are inherent for their unstructured whole body thrashings. I understand the whole wanting to walk away from a class feeling like you've been worked to within an inch of your life, because it can be exhilarating and there's nothing better than being able to say that you couldn't 'give' any more, but you are leaving yourself not only prone to injuries, but also very unlikely to achieve the best results that you are undoubtedly giving your all to achieve. I'm not saying that you won't see improvements, what I'm saying is they won't be anywhere near as significant results as following a structured and progressive programme. At Commando Raid, we split the weekly sessions into different body parts, which not only allows you to get a structured, full body workout by using our sessions alone, but also lets you come to specific sessions which fit around and compliment your own training schedule. ﷯You shouldn't be using weight loss as a goal, but I know there are still quite a few of you (and instructors!) who still are - use it as an added piece of information, but nothing more. You may see significant weight loss, but it will have two main flaws - the first being that these losses will soon plateau, which will lead to de motivation and disappointment; the second is that by following a whole body thrashing routine you will be breaking down the very muscle that you are trying to develop so any achievements that you have made will be short lived, as it's this developed muscle that helps to keep your metabolism high and help to keep the body fat off in the long run - these are the same reason why those who spend hours on the treadmill and the ridiculous cross-trainer (don't get me started!) don't achieve the best results, let alone keep it off in the long run! Structured training allows vital recovery! If you are training the same body parts regularly especially with high intensity you should be giving that area plenty of rest to allow it to repair, to avoid overuse injuries and allow growth/improvement to occur. If the body is regularly 'thrashed' your body will not get the recovery that it needs and therefore the inherent stress that this causes will produce hormone cortisol, which has numerous negatives aspects amongst which holding on to fat, turning more of the carbohydrate that we eat into fat and looking to use protein (which means breaking down the very muscle tissue you're trying to develop) as an energy source. And if you're training for performance gains, these improvements will suffer too! We have members with a wide range of abilities, ages and experiences all in the same classes and it doesn't detract from the class, from anyone's intensity/effort level, but it does allow everyone to be trained as an individual within a class environment, whether that means we give different rep ranges, different intensities and a variety of exercise progressions and regressions. The equally important 'mental' differences... Some military fitness classes and bootcamps issue bibs, call you by a number and use lots of non-specific and undirected shouting (akin to a broken record - as a Marine I would refer to it as a 'cassette head'). Firstly, the group sizes are normally far too big to allow the instructor to be able to correct body position or exercise form. Just because they've split you into 'perceived' ability doesn't mean you all already know how to do 'all' the exercises perfectly, as there will be a huge difference, even within your similarly coloured team mates, with individuals ability, exercise experience and history.﷯ Secondly, shouting isn't motivation. Anyone can shout! It takes education, experience and confidence to be able to highlight individuals, sometimes from a distance, to give exercise corrections and 'personal' motivation, but to do this you need to at least try and remember the clients names (I do get them wrong occasionally!) and also in the very minute amount of client contact time, try and get into their heads as an individual to try and work out what type of motivation is going to work with them. But it's fine if they want to use bibs, it makes it easier for the instructor and we don't want the instructor to have to take his hands out of his or her pockets and actually put some effort in themselves do we.... Thirdly, some people thrive of having a carrot to chase. Some people need to hear that they are doing well. Some people like that bit of negative banter 'to prove you wrong'! Some people want to be told what to do and then left to get on with it. And there's much more to watch out for too regarding teaching and learning styles, but I think you get the point that I'm trying to make. We get in your head, as an individual, as a group, a whisper in the ear or a loud cheer - whatever YOU need to help you to achieve more. Looking after the body pre, during and post class... You should see your training as a piece of your jigsaw. There are many other pieces to make a complete you. Sleep, rest, nutrition and maintenance. We strive equally on the exercise prescription and motivation within our classes as we do into advising about nutrition and body maintenance (as well as rolling sessions after some of our classes). We offer a 'baseline' nutrition programme to give people a kick up the proverbial bottom and actually make them sit up and take notice of what and when they put things in their mouths (he says as he types away over chocolate fudge cake - all about balance and timing!). It acts as a catalyst to make little, but significant changes to their diet and then to work with them individually to make their nutrition plan totally bespoke to them based on their individual requirements and their results. To summarise, this our statement and also our reasons behind our claims: "Commando Raid is NOT a typical bootcamp - it's a complete training system Structured and proven training combined with nutritional support and unparalleled motivation to give you the body that not only looks good, but can perform too" ✔ Quicker fat loss through reduced stress ✔ Allows recovery for quicker fitness gains ✔ Can be used as a complete training system ✔ Specific sessions to compliment your existing training routine ✔ Improved confidence ✔ Balanced training programme ✔ Avoid overuse injuries ✔ Avoid over training Whatever you choose, don't sacrifice form over speed and don't progress until you (and your body) are ready... Good luck! Jon & The CA Team