corporate and team development What is Commando Active's core strength when delivering corporate and team development? “The ability to create an environment that brings out peoples’ best selves towards a common goal...” At Commando Active we prefer to use the term team dynamics as is more often the case you’ll already have an existing team. We believe that to truly develop individuals and teams you must have personal experiences that have been truly challenging and have required immense strength of character and maturity of decision making. Our combined experiences and training enable us to work with both the individuals and the team as a whole within your organisation to help improve a wide range of issues and subjects. Commando Active (CA) can work with your business or sports teams for the following reasons: > Morale boosting - due to the state of the economy and continual worry of job security > Reward - to show recognition for your team’s efforts > Problem solving - we can facilitate client led activities and review to solve both recognised and undetermined issues within your departments > Leadership and management training - leadership and management can come naturally to some people and others not so easily, in both cases direction and showing how the ability to communicate and listen effectively, with different individuals and groups, can greatly enhance productivity (and therefore profits), motivate, enhance morale, build corporate worth and make for a more relaxed working and training environment Our bespoke packages can run from one hour to one week and can be a motivational presentation, which could be either an interest topic or specifically related to your business, or a week long adventurous activity based exercise based in the French Alps. How do businesses benefit from having CA on board? > Employee engagement > Boost morale > Build confident leadership and encourage mentoring of future leaders and re-enforce existing management styles across all levels > Improve communication and effective listening between all levels > Increase confidence and positive mental attitude > Improve problem solving skills > Increase pro-activeness within the work place > Re-enforcing employee’s roles within the team > Encouragement of structured and 'safe' discussion to improve communication and reviewing processes > Education on the importance of good goal setting > Improving team cohesiveness > Encourage responsible risk taking > Encourage team flexibility and collaboration > Encourage ownership and responsibility for tasks > Improved corporate pride and commitment What is your next step towards bringing out the best in your team? Contact Commando Active today so that we can design a package to suit your needs An example of our corporate clients can be seen below corporate health What does Commando Active achieve when delivering health and fitness packages? "We make teams fitter and healthier - mentally and physically!" How businesses benefit from having CA on board? > Health and fitness education - for improved health through to increased corporate and personal fitness performance > Reduction in time off from work through stress, illness and injury and reducing financial implications of having to hire agency staff > Employee engagement > Increased positive mental attitude, image and confidence > Evidence to support various employee engagement schemes > Improve corporate worth within employees - morale raising > Education on the importance of good goal setting > Improving team cohesiveness > Improved corporate pride and commitment What can CA provide? > Health and fitness articles/tips in both promotional literature and internal magazines, benefiting employees, families and friends > Fitness classes > Self defence packages > Health and fitness presentations and seminars > Motivational images using your own employees taken during sessions > We can provide motivational speakers Why invest in your employees? > Being fit and healthy is well documented for increasing attention spans and relieving stress, improving working practices, output and results > Being fit and healthy also has a great effect on morale and will improve team dynamics internally and externally > Healthier work environment > Investing in your team members gives them a vital opportunity to help themselves, benefit your business and all those who deal with you An example of our corporate clients can be seen above