Plant a tree instead...

by Stuart


DIET........Break it down .....DIE(t)!


So much is said about diets and the effects of diets that is hardly true. These days a new fad diet hits the health magazines and papers almost every week. But none of them address the long term benefits of such diets, largely because there aren't any, none that are positive anyway. Are fad diets and diets books any better than books on cults/religion, praying perhaps on the unhappiness and sometimes depression of those wanting to lose weight. Exploiting a persons vulnerability in order to get them to believe anything they read thinking it will help them to lose weight quickly and easily (and making money of course). The truth is nothing worth accomplishing comes easy. The harder you have to work at something the more rewarding and satisfying it is to succeed. In the case of losing weight it also means you are more likely to keep the the body fat off.


Diets are a short term fix but not a healthy or lasting solution to being overweight. To lose weight safely and keep the weight off requires a gradual lifestyle change. That doesn't mean you have to stop eating all of your favourite foods. Banning certain foods from your life altogether can often lead to unhappiness and tension and is often unsustainable in the long term. Moderation is more realistic and successful in the long term and therefore more important than forbidding less healthier foods.


Exercise is just as important as a healthy balanced diet for weight loss. This doesn't have to mean 5 days a week in the gym or running marathons. Anything that gets you moving and increases the heart rate will be far more beneficial to sustainable weight loss than sitting on the sofa.


Slowly introducing exercise into your lifestyle accompanied with the inclusion of healthier foods is the safest and most effective way to lose weight and keep the weight off. You will also have more energy as well as being fitter and healthier.


So how about throwing those diet books in the recycling bin and planting a tree instead!