Dynamic Running Warm-up I wrote this article for Zest magazine towards the end of 2012. To see more of my articles for Zest or to check out their fantastic website click here www.zest.co.uk Forget the half-hearted leg shakes, Zest's fitness Jon Stratford has the warm-up moves you need to avoid injury before your run Never do static stretches before a run - they could leave you prone to injury Mobilising moves gently and progressively loosen up relevant muscle groups Make your warm-up progressive, gradually making your movements more exaggerated Try to make a habit of always warming up in the same way Mobilise: your hips ﷯ • Stand upright, feet hip-width apart, hands on your hips. • Raise your left knee up in front of you, then rotate it out to the side away from your body. • Repeat ten times, raising your knee upwards and outwards progressively higher each time. • Repeat the routine on the other leg. Mobilise: your CALVES & QUADS ﷯ • Stand upright, feet hip-width apart, hands on your hips. • Lean slightly forwards and start kicking your heels up towards your bottom. • Kick progressively higher and faster over 30 seconds, until your heels are touching your bottom. Mobilise: your quads (thighs) ﷯ • Start jogging on the spot with your arms in a running pose, bent at the elbow - but remember to swing them from the shoulder, rather than chop from the elbow. • Progressively bring your knees up higher and faster over 30 seconds. Mobilise: your glutes (bottom) & HAMSTRINGS ﷯ • From standing, swing your left leg forwards and backwards, kicking your heel towards your bottom as you swing it backwards. • Progressively increase the range and speed of each swing over 30 seconds. • Once you've done 30 seconds, repeat with your right leg