Ed norman > personal trainer > Extreme sports mentor > bio mechanics specialist Background I have been a fitness professional for 7 years and have had success in competitive sports during this time. I have nurtured and mentored many athletes to peak performance in their fields; be it actors, marathon runners, Ironman competitors to extreme mountaineers and climbers and also the rehabilitation back to sport after significant injuries. Philosophy 'The body only knows what you teach it. The more one moves the greater the possibilities are!' 'I believe in the power of movement and doing loads of it! Sit down less and take your joints through their full range of motion often. Movement is essential to happiness, performance and longevity. The common problems such as hip impingement, medial tibial stress syndrome, lumbar pain, hamstring tears, thoraxic outlet syndrome, shoulder impingement and "runners knee' can all be avoided with less time sitting down. A structured mobility programme will unlock a lot of new opportunities.' Sporting Experiences / Achievements - Completed and placed in the top ten in many ultra marathon races all over the country and I'm always striving to push the boundaries - Serving Royal Marine Reserve - Training for the UTMB 2016 and the Cape Wrath 8 day ultra - 400km - Continue to compete in the Endurance Life series Qualifications / Training Personal Trainer Level 3

Ed's a bit camera shy - photos coming soon!!!