Expedition Fitness Training Whether you're planning a major expedition or just an active adventure such as a mountaineering or skiing trip, ensure that you can get the most out of it by not overlooking your own physical fitness. If you are physically fit you will be in a better position to make sensible decisions, which could mean the difference mean failure and success or even life and, well you know where I'm going with this. At the very least if you put the same amount of effort into your physical preparation as you do to ensuring that your ski suit matches your shiny new helmet, you'll be able to perform better and actually spend more time doing the very thing that you're there to do. I've seen it so often on so many different types of adventure, where some of the group have an amazing experience and have loads of photos and memories of superb views, whilst others have been drawing upon every ounce of energy just to be able to put one foot in front of each other and have missed so much, purely down to skipping one of the most important aspects to the trip, which is almost always the one aspect that they could have prepared for - their physical state. Even a couple of weeks notice can be enough to at least prepare the body to be a bit more resilient to fatigue and to learn a bit about injury prevention. Don't delay, if you have a trip on the horizon (however far away!), devise a plan that will ensure that whatever happens your body is able to cope so that you can actually enjoy the experience! I am an expert in training teams, experts and individuals for everything from world record attempts to adventurous holidays on polar ice caps to the scorching heat of the desert to the towering spires of rock, so if you need any help to ensure that you are physically and mentally ready please get in touch, otherwise I know that you will regret it...

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