Commando Active has created a comprehensive fitness and wellness management solution, which is available for the corporate, hospitality and luxury residential markets.


Our core values will be deeply embedded in your facility ensuring that your guests, employees or members have the bespoke luxury service and facilities that they deserve and expect, whilst complimenting the aesthetic, standard and feel of the surrounding environment.


All elements of the chain are managed by the Commando Active team and the mutually supportive specialisations that each coach brings, that makes for a complete multi-faceted lifestyle improvement service, whilst ensuring that your facility is management and maintained to the highest standards.


Corporate - support, motivate and educate your employees, improving focus and performance whilst reducing sickness related absenteeism and stress


Hotels - Provide the highest standard of up to date health and fitness facilities, that not only reflect the hotel's brand, but encourage customer loyalty


Residential - Fitness facilities and a bespoke training offering that add value to the property and that residents are proud of


Contact the team to discuss your facility or wellness programme needs -  Example corporate solution:

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