Interested? What’s your next step: Simple! Email the team stating a little about yourself and why you think that you have that ‘something special’ that we’re looking for. “OFF THE SHELF, TRIED & TESTED BUSINESS IN A BOX” Benefits of owning a Raid franchise: ✔ Ready made web-page ✔ Area exclusivity ✔ Business management system for memberships, payment & attendance ✔ Accountancy ✔ Mentoring & business support ✔ Marketing support - utilising social media, local press & specific area offers ✔ Performance manual - class formats & management, exercise & kit choice ✔ Training package with optional courses to increase revenue streams What makes Raid different: Commando Raid is a totally unique group exercise class which recognises that each person is an individual. Highly experienced and engaging coaches constantly add challenge and variety for all abilities, ensuring that each class is safe, fun and targets the specific daily aim. Commando Raid has an infectious motivation driven by the attitude of the instructors and reflected in the camaraderie between members and team alike. INTERESTED IN OWNING A CA FRANCHISE & JOINING OUR TEAM? If you’re a highly dynamic and proactive fitness professional with that something special who is looking at either supplementing your current income or looking for a complete new business in your local area, then this could be the way ahead for you!