Joe van der merwe > personal trainer > strength &and conditioning > body composition specialist > fat loss and muscle gain VDMMUSCLE Background As a former collision sport player, GB and Blitz running back I have over half a decades experience in training and preparation for a gruelling season. I have worked extensively with strength and conditioning coaches from around the world. My passion for training over the last ten years lead me into the fitness industry and helping a wide range of clients to achieve their individual goals through meticulous programming and effective training and nutrition. testimonials "Joe is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated. Training plans are set out 3 weeks at a time which makes training sessions without him a lot more structured. He pushes you to achieve your goals although be prepared to hear his favourite motivational saying of "don't think just do" several times over!! I continue to work with him and would recommend him to anyone looking to make that extra fitness step." Craig - 30, Events Manager "I can’t recommend personal training with Joe highly enough! I’ve been working out for years by myself to try to get the body I wanted. Although I’ve made gains and improvements over time, I was still far off from having the body I wanted. I thought I knew enough about fitness and weight lifting to do this myself, but when I started training with Joe, I realised there were so many small and big things that I never really appreciated or understood about the best way to improve your body. Joe was always friendly, understanding and flexible, designing a workout and diet plan to suit my goals. It was tough going at times, but I stuck to it, heeded all his advice, and am pleased to say I made some serious gains - not least of which was finally getting a full six-pack for the first time in my life! My workout sessions with Joe were also mentally therapeutic. He was great company and I found myself sharing the ups and downs of my life with him - all while sweating buckets and panting in between sets of course. Joe will push you just the right amount (which is more than you’d be able to push yourself), but will always understand your real limits and never let you strain yourself or do too much. Training with him is the best investment into your body you’ll make." Jeremy - CEO "I've been a regular gym goer for over a decade. Since I met Joe and started following his programs, my training has completely changed gear and reached a whole new level I'd never experienced before. His detailed, smart and precisely structured gym routines are truly effective and most importantly, great fun to do! I'd recommend him to anyone, beginner or advanced, wanting to see real results." Sergio - London "Joe has the ability to squeeze an 15% when you think you have no more. His training is extremely well structured to your personal goals and not a one size fits all generic programme. Most importantly he goes that extra mile with time and effort because he is passionate about results and what he believes in." James - CEO
Philosophy 'Every day you get better or worse... Get better!' Integrity, strength & power Sporting Experiences / Achievements Great Britain and London Blitz running back (American Football) Qualifications / Training Premier Personal Trainer Level 3 National Certificate in Strength and Conditioning Training with joe Personal training - email Paired training - click here for more info