Jungle Marathon Classes I'm currently running Jungle Marathon classes in association with the ultimate in outdoor clothing, UVU, at The Third Space gym and what's more these classes are available to non members of the gym too! Either during the last week of August or the first week I will be running a competition to see who will win an all expenses trip to Brazil to compete in the UVU Jungle Marathon in October. To enter the competition you will need to attend at least five of my classes between now and my competition (date TBC) and it will consist of five challenges. The challenges have been devised by myself and if you come to my classes you will cover all aspects of these tests, however, you will not find out what the tests are until the competition day itself! All I will say is that you be tested on endurance, agility and of course strength of mind and character! The first four places in each of the five tests will get points and then each competitors accumulative score over the five tests will determine the overall winner. ﷯ Classes so far have covered the following aspects: Indoor: Climbing Swimming Wading River crossing techniques Jungle advice Racing and kit advice Core stability Resistance training for runners Stamina (muscular endurance) circuits Interval sessions Tempo sessions Jumping lessons Stretching Outdoor: Hill sprints Intervals Outdoor gym session including technique and exercise variation on monkey bars, parallel bars, balance beams Use of benches and other park furniture for exercise All jungle competitors have been advised on how to conduct their own individual endurance sessions, both in the pool and when running. If you would like any more information about my classes or the race itself please contact me.