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Jon features in this video showing the fantastic new branding for SealSkinz

Jon's video for the Multipower training series shot at the end of 2013.  This is the advanced core workout.

Jon's video for the Multipower training series shot at the end of 2013.  This is the intermediate core workout.

Michelle's beginner indoor cycling class in conjunction with Exerto

Michelle's fitness ball workout in conjunction with Exerto

Grokker is the expert video network when you're searching for true experts in the fields of yoga, cooking and fitness.  This is their taster video featuring Jon.

Jon had the opportunity to put his Royal Marine 'head' on for this taster of Royal Marines fitness with Jamie from Push the Limit TV.  Do you think Jamie pushed his limit....

The 55 year old Commando features documentary maker and anthropologist Chris Terrill on his own personal journey to earn his Green Beret.  Jon was the Royal Marine Physical Training Intsructor for the recruit troop that Chris filmed and lived with for their eight month basic training.  See how Chis got on....

Mens Fitness Editor Nick Hutchings joined Polar explorer Pen Hadow of the Catlin Arctic Survey for one of his training sessions with Jon, on a typically and highly appropriate miserable day on Dartmoor.

Jon had the pleasure of giving Adam, a willing volunteer, a short, but punchy training session during his week of living a transparent box in Westfield shopping centre for a Febreze experiment.  He had daily activities to do, which all involved him getting particularly smelly, without the opportunity to clean himself properly!

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