Intuitive Nutrition

Matt brings an educated, pragmatic and passionate approach to our nutritional support and can work with you directly or as is more often the case remotely


Depending on the level of intervention required our support starts at £135 for the initial consultation and then £105 monthly and will be designed around your health and fitness needs, your lifestyle and your goals


With various options available you can be assured that you will receive a package that is suited to you and your optimal health and fitness


To book a consultation or to find out more information about using Matt

for events and presentations please contact the team

CA  helps and supports a wide range of  people and athletes with  their nutritional needs.  Depending on your requirements and experience, CA's nutritionist Matt will introduce you to the first phase of our plan to ensure the following three aspects are on your radar and once you are consistent in their application he will move you on to the second phase of support


Phase one of support - daily score, protein, food choices and hydration


Daily Score:  this is your long term tracking

Every day: 1-10, can include 0.5 BUT can’t use number 7

Preferably 30-60mins after waking

This is for YOU - it can be completely private or consult with the Commando Active team


What does the daily score include?

Sleep quality and quantity, physical feelings, training, work, emotional, personal, gut health, mental acuity.


Be Consistent

Be Mindful

Be Honest


Phase one food  education starts with food quality, protein and hydration - click tabs on the left for info and tips