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Next class:

Saturday 2nd July  ***FREE CLASS*** 11:45-13:00

Saturday 9th July - 11:45-13:00

Saturday 16th July - 11:45-13:00

Saturday 30th July  - 11:45-13:00

Saturday 6th August  - 11:45-13:00



Green Park (meet outside Green Park station by the fountain)



Saturday 2nd July is a FREE CLASS for all, but you still need to book

Other dates are £10 per session or £32 if you purchase all four



Via the booking system below or on your app for existing members



Please dress for the prevailing weather

Feel free to bring a yoga mat, but we like to work on the grass

Bring water

OmLess Yoga is a range of Dynamic Flow Power Yoga, which is designed to fine tune your body so that it can function the way it was designed to, without the chanting and strictness of the usual forms of yoga


"Stretching with banter and humour"

Grin and laugh as we take you through a range of workouts designed to develop you without the 'Om'.  You'll be Instructed in terms so simple that even guys can do it and at a pace that won't leave anyone behind


There are four types of session - Power, Mobility, Performance & Partner Thai Yoga


> Power - increase your core and joint strength and stamina

> Mobility - maintain or improve your range of movement and flexibility

> Performance - improve your recovery, injury prevention and sport performance

> Partner Thai Yoga - stretch and release points of tension, whilst working with a partner


"Outside of your comfort zone is where the magic happens"

As you become more experienced with our sessions you will find yourself performing a wider range of postures and sequences taking your mind and body to a new level in a relaxing and pressure free environment


Partner Thai Yoga

This follows on from our individual sessions and allows us to stretch and release the body with the use of Traditional Thai Massage (TTM) and Mobility Yoga (MY).  The body is a system of pulleys and levers, which tighten with the stresses of our work and physical training.  Our aim is to restore this balance with gentle partner assisted stretching


As well as programmed classes on the Commando Active schedule, OmLess Yoga is available for your conferences, sport teams and post-race offerings.  For more info on bespoke programmes for your event please contact the team