Online Personal Training
Step 1 Nutrition audit and online consultation Your success is built upon your honesty! This audit is so your CA nutritionist can understand your approach and attitude towards food to enable them to develop the most appropriate path for your success Step 2 Fitness audit This is where your CA coach finds out your exercise success and failure history so that we can dial into your needs, wants and any time sensitive factors Step 3 Bespoke training programme Developed by your CA coach utilising your goals and the information given in your audit so that with your effort and dedication you can achieve maximum results in an optimum time frame Step 4 Nutrition plan Your plan is intrinsically linked to your goals, dietary needs and your training programme to take the guess work out of achieving results, whilst maintaining variety and a healthy attitude towards food Step 5 Support with your CA coach Your honest feedback will give your CA specialist the ability to either reinforce the path designed for you or to amend factors to maximise your opportunity for success


Why online training?

We're fully aware that one to one personal training with one of our specialists might not be a viable option for all due to location or affordability, which is why we have designed our online packages to offer you our extensive experience of training not only ourselves for some pretty significant challenges, but also our ability to engage with you on a level that will help you to achieve far more than you have ever before.  Not only that, you will receive the education that essentially gives you a new found respect for the movement patterns and nutrition plans, so that you are not just following a routine blindly you will be learning how to properly use the routines to achieve the results that you want


Are you appropriate for online training?

It's a strange question, but not everyone is!


Online training can be harder than 1 to 1 training as we not there to keep your hand out of the cookie jar or to motivate you through your training programmes, but as we are driven by your success or should we say your ability to succeed we want only those who are really motivated to achieving their goals.  We will give you all the tools you need to get the most out of your training in the most realistic time frame and we will work with you on how to keep motivated when the body says no and the brain says go, but ultimately it is you who has to really want to achieve...


If we think your goals are unrealistic we will tell you and then we will help you to make them more achievable in the time frame that you have and make success the highest possible chance from the outset rather than letting you set yourself up for failure later on down the line


Who writes your programme?

All programmes are written by one of our profiled specialists.  You can either choose who to work with for your chosen goal or we will choose who is your best match based on your goals.  In some circumstances you may work with more than one for different specific elements of your training


I still have a few questions?

Feel free to email us and ask as many questions as you need to ensure that you have all the answers that you need to put you on the starting blocks to achieving your goal


I'm happy with the package that I want, what do I do now?

Simply purchase your appropriate package below and email us with a basic outline of your goals and chosen coach (or we can help determine this with you).  We will then send you a consultation document and ask you to complete a food diary for a minimum of one week.  We will also arrange your Skype consultation based on both yours and our schedule and time zones

 1 Month £325 Monthly average -  3 Months £450 Monthly average £150 per month  6 Month £850 Monthly average £142 per month