1-1 Personal training > fat loss > Performance > adventure "I am stunned at what I have been able to achieve in a relatively short space of time." Paul C - London "I used him in the build up to my latest Discovery Channel series and would not think twice about using him again if I had to get in shape fast for any event." Ed Stafford, Guinness World Record-holding European Adventurer of the Year 2011 – London "All of Jon’s advice and training was key to a successful crossing and dealing with the rigors of 82 days rowing an ocean." Tommy Tippetts, Guinness World Record-holder in Atlantic rowing - London "His approach to training would ideally suit individual sportsmen as well as teams attempting arduous challenges like mountaineering, arctic treks and ocean rowing. You name it – Jon Stratford will get you there." Chris Terrill, anthropologist, author, film maker, adventurer - London
Whether you need a complete package or just steering in the right direction, personal training will save you time and effort by enabling you to train more effectively and to learn what and when you should be eating. We have considerable experience training and coaching everyone from celebrities and politicians to housewives and executives to athletes and adventurers, but where each and everyone’s background is very important, the most significant thing that is important to us when taking you on as a client is your drive and commitment to achieving your goal. How many people have you seen over the years doing the same thing in the gym with no physical change, or are you that person who spends hours pounding the roads or the treadmill to little or no effect? Whether you’re an actor, model, adventurer, bride to be, into your extreme sports or simply want to get in fantastic shape for the summer, commit to your programme and not only start improving in next to no time, but start to look and feel amazing in a matter of weeks too. We have an extensive toolbox of skills and training methods that we utilise to ensure that everyone achieves their goal. This experience coupled with our background in personal and team development enables us to ensure that whatever your goal you will be in the best possible shape both physically and mentally. We will develop your personalised nutrition and exercise guidelines based on non fad, results driven experience that will give you maximum results in a minimum of time. To find out how we can help you and for prices and packages email us with your requirements by clicking here.
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