Post Run/Exercise Stretch Yesterday I posted a blog with an article about running warm ups that I did for Zest magazine. This is the next instalment, which is how to stretch post run. Please check out Zest magazines website by clicking here Essential running cool-down stretches Hold each stretch for 20 seconds (this is called maintenance stretching) Remember to breathe while you do your stretches Do not bounce while you do these cool-down stretches Position your feet in slightly different positions to see how it affects the depth of your stretches Stretch: your hamstrings • From standing, take a very short stride forwards with your left leg. • Keeping your left leg straight and staying as upright as possible, bend your rear right leg until you can feel a stretch through the back of your front leg. • Rest your hands on your bent leg and hold the stretch for 20 seconds before swapping. STRETCH: YOUR QUADS • From standing, bring your left knee up in front of you, take hold of your shoelaces and pull your foot back until your heel is touching your bottom. • Make sure that your standing leg is slightly bent, bring your knees together and ease your hips forwards. • Hold for 20 seconds and then swap legs. Stretch: your hip flexors • Stand upright, feet hip-width apart, hands on your hips. • Take a long stride forwards with your right leg and place your rear left knee on the floor. • Keeping your body upright, ease your hips forward to increase the stretch in your hip flexors. • Hold for 20 seconds and then swap legs. Stretch: your calves • From the press-up position, keep your legs straight and walk your hands back until you can feel the stretch in your calves. • Now rest one foot on the heel of the other while easing the bottom heel into the floor. • Hold for 20 seconds then swap legs and repeat.