Raid is NOT a typical bootcamp or military fitness class it's a complete training system ! Structured and proven training combined with nutritional support and unparalleled motivation to give you the body that not only looks good, but can perform too


What will we do We've taken years of coaching sport and training some of the most elite soldiers in the world, to develop a high intensity and educational class that is lots of fun, hard work, but extremely rewarding, both physically and mentally. THE benefits ✔ Reduced physical stress ✔ Improved fitness and fat loss results ✔ Better recovery ✔ Can be a complete training system ✔ Can compliment your existing training ✔ Improved confidence ✔ Balanced training programme ✔ Avoid over use injuries ✔ Avoid over training Who is it for This is for people of ALL fitness experiences and abilities who want to see and feel results; so bring your friends, family, colleagues and partners. You will be shown several different versions of each exercise and given a rep range appropriate to your fitness level so EVERYONE gets the most benefit from each class. Excuses like “I’ll wait until I’m fit to come.” don’t wash with us as it’s our job to get you fit and keep you progressing.
location + what to wear Green Park, Central London We meet at the fountain outside the park exit of Green Park Underground Station Dress appropriately for weather & don't forget water and post exercise nutrition! We can't be held responsible for any of your belongings, however, we do stay in close proximity to the bags which we cover to protect from the elements class structure In order that you achieve the best fat loss, stamina and performance gains we have dedicated each session to particular body parts: Monday: Legs Tuesday: Upper Body Wednesday: Core Thursday: Legs Friday: REST DAY Saturday: Whole body Sunday: REST DAY Will I get shouted at Anyone can shout and where there is a time and a place for that, we are able to recognise different learning styles as well as different motivational needs from you as individuals. Some people thrive on constant encouragement, whilst others prefer to be left alone to get on with the task; it is our job to recognise this and to ensure that your needs are met.
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