Seriously challenging training in the heart of London !
Who is it for Our classes are not easy by any stretch of the imagination, but regardless of your experience or ability we will give you individually appropriate versions of the same exercise so that, as long as you are prepared to challenge yourself, you will improve! Excuses like “I’ll wait until I’m fit to come.” don’t wash with us as it’s our job to get you fit and keep you progressing. You bring the will, we'll show you the way...
What will you do We've taken our experience and knowledge from the world's of fitness, sport and military training and developed highly intense, educational and rewarding classes, that will stimulate adaptation in every part of your mind and body! We use a wide variety of body weight exercises and also bring along a selection of equipment to give you broader range of exercises
location + what to wear Green Park, Central London Meet in the park, by the statue of the Goddess Diana, which is at the entrance to Green Park Underground Station These are outdoor classes so dress appropriately for weather, don't forget water, post exercise nutrition and if necessary a warm and dry top to put on afterwards... We can't be held responsible for any of your belongings, however, we do stay in close proximity to the bags which we cover to protect from the elements See you soon !
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