The Bare Minimum Running Programmes These programmes have been designed by coach Jon for those who are limited by time, but still have a need to achieve more. Three sessions per week for eight weeks is the bare minimum you need to develop significant improvements in your current performance or capability. Jon has been training runners of all abilities and distances for many years with his deep knowledge and insight into tried and tested methods to improve performance as well as the mindset of the runner. His experienced has led him to train world record breaking military groups, 10km first timers through to repeat ultra marathon runners and runners of all abilities and distances in between, whilst competing himself in everything from athletics, trail running events and single and multi-day ultra marathons. Whether you are new to running, looking to improve a time or looking at stepping up to a new distance these eight week programmes are for you. Always consult a doctor before starting any new level of training. Eat appropriately, improve your mobility and listen to your body... Simply purchase your programme below and the PDF will be emailed to you.
Walk to Run Beginners Struggle to run for a bus or to walk up a set of stairs? This will turn your body (and head!) into one that is confident and aware of what it can do... FREE! 5km Improver Beginner Still a 5km newbie, but want to improve times and recovery? Three short sessions per week to 5km confidence £4.99 5km Improver Advanced This is for a sub 30min 5km runner looking at holding a faster pace. Recovery will improve too - bonus! £4.99
Step Up 5km to 10km Confident at 5km but looking to run further, this programme will progressively challenge you over eight weeks to a comfortable 10km £4.99 10km Improver Beginner Slower than 55mins for 10km? This will develop a strong 10km foundation with speed improvements and quicker recovery £4.99 10km Improver Advanced Sub 55min or faster 10km and looking for faster 1km splits - it doesn't get simpler than that! £4.99
Step Up 10km to Half 10kms not a challenge any more or the result of a dare; whatever the reason, step up confidently to a half marathon over eight weeks £4.99 Half Improver Beginner Currently a 2 hour plus half marathon runner, but looking at stepping up your pace and mental game, then engage with this 8 week programme and see how your performance develops £4.99 Half Improver Advanced Quicker than 2 hours over a half marathon and after challenging the clock (or your mates!) and limited with time, then three sessions each week will up your performance (and bragging rights!) £4.99
Step Up Half to Marathon Once a half becomes easy it's the natural progression whether you like it or not! Not to be taken likely, especially if training time is a factor! Commit, look after your body and progress with physical and mental confidence £4.99 Marathon Improver Beginner A marathon is a serious undertaking regardless of PB! If you're currently a 4 hour plus runner then this is the programme for you! Sensible, but challenging sessions to improve mile splits, confidence and resilience £4.99 Marathon Improver Advanced Faster than 4 hours for a full marathon and still looking at upping your game? Good on you, but don't scrimp on your training. This is the bare minimum to see cardiovascular improvement whilst allowing your joints and muscles to develop appropriately! £4.99