testimonials We have trained a wide variety people for an even wider breadth of goals. Below are just a few things that our clients have said about our training and support.
Pre wedding and pre pregnancy "I first began training with Jon at his park fitness sessions and after realising what a great trainer and motivator he is I decided to take personal training classes in the lead up to my wedding and it was worth every penny. Jon knows how to push you to your limit whilst keeping the sessions motivating and varied and I not only achieved the toning I wanted but my level of fitness vastly improved. He also gave me the knowledge and confidence to enable me to push myself when training alone, something I have always found very hard. Jon is also very personable which keeps the sessions enjoyable even through the pain! I’m now expecting my first child and am training with Jon again to help me stay fit during the pregnancy. He has a great knowledge of the human body which has helped me hugely so far and I’ve found him very flexible during this time. I’ll definitely be training with him again once the baby is born!" Jane C - London
Improved fitness and fat loss
"I started training with Joe to build up my strength and become comfortable with lifting weights. He listened to what I wanted and got me working towards my goals straight away. I really enjoy my sessions with Joe, he pushes me when he knows I can be doing better and is always encouraging when I'm struggling. I always look forward to our sessions as there is always some variation he throws in to keep things exciting. My programmes are always interesting and easy to follow. Joe has always been great at explaining the muscles targeted by each exercise or variation, which has helped me to correct my form when training on my own." Claire - London "My first few words to Stuart were, '....I hate running'. I thought this a soft introduction to the fact that I was adverse to any form of exercise. The gym had failed, mostly because I failed to show and so the weight steadily increased. Enough was enough and I started personal training. A year later, Stuart has me doing everything that i loathe - including running. Hats off to him. He's converted the non-convertible! He's kept me motivated, with constant variations in training, his beady eye watches for any cheating or slacking and he doesn't take no for an answer, but is fair to plea bargaining. As a result, i am fitter, slimmer, more toned and actually, dare I say it, look forward to my twice weekly sessions. I cannot thank Stuart enough for the change that has occurred and have no hesitation in recommending him." DC - Kent "I have known Michelle for ten years. She is an absolute inspiration and one of the most motivating and positive people I know. I truly love my training and am always keen to improve myself. Michelle has really helped me to make a difference and I have come a long way with my training and fitness levels from when we met all those years ago! Her advice on nutrition and different training techniques has been invaluable. My favourite Michelle O’Dea saying is ‘Giving up is not an option!’ I have been able to achieve training goals I never imagined I would without giving up and Michelle's help thats for sure!" Sara Ahmed, 37, Accountant I’m one of those people who need discipline and to be told what to do when it comes to fitness. I love team sports and have always been an active player and then found the gym really boring. That was until Jon introduced me to his TRX class and I became hooked. Jon works you hard, doesn’t take any slack and pushes you to the limit without it becoming boring. He never keeps to the same routine but mixes it up and makes each class exciting and you never know what you are going to get. A hard but fun way to train and it really disciplined me and got me fit! Jon knows how to motivate you to get to the level of fitness you really want. Shame I have just moved to NYC and no longer have access to him!! Ro O - London (now NYC!) "Michelle is one of those rare trainers who has the capacity to really understand her clients. She pushes hard when you need it, and pulls you back from the brink before you over train. I always want to go back for more because she gets me results, she is warm caring and always full of energy" Terri Cramp, 45, It Consultant "With the help of Michelle I have been motivated to try so many different and interesting ways to work out. She find the right exercise regime that suits you, but still allows you to be pushed to your limits. Since training with Michelle my fitness has improved massively. She is so inspiring and always has a smile on her face. A workout with Michelle is always so much fun, I look forward to every session. Michelle is a fantastic trainer and I cant recommend her highly enough" Milly Kaplan, 22, Personal Assistant
Increased body mass and strength "I am stunned at what I have been able to achieve in a relatively short space of time. A great knowledge of the physics of the human body has been key to having my limits pushed and exceeded in every session. The difference the sessions have made to my all round levels of fitness have thrilled me but have irritated the people I train with!! A really hard but encouraging task master but with nice manner, even though I still wake in a cold sweat on the days when I have a session booked, but feel fantastic after each one because of what I have been pushed to achieve! Thanks Jon" Paul C - London
"Joe is incredibly knowledgeable and dedicated. Training plans are set out 3 weeks at a time which makes training sessions without him a lot more structured. He pushes you to achieve your goals although be prepared to hear his favourite motivational saying of "don't think just do" several times over!! I continue to work with him and would recommend him to anyone looking to make that extra fitness step." Craig - 30, Events Manager "I can’t recommend personal training with Joe highly enough! I’ve been working out for years by myself to try to get the body I wanted. Although I’ve made gains and improvements over time, I was still far off from having the body I wanted. I thought I knew enough about fitness and weight lifting to do this myself, but when I started training with Joe, I realised there were so many small and big things that I never really appreciated or understood about the best way to improve your body. Joe was always friendly, understanding and flexible, designing a workout and diet plan to suit my goals. It was tough going at times, but I stuck to it, heeded all his advice, and am pleased to say I made some serious gains - not least of which was finally getting a full six-pack for the first time in my life! My workout sessions with Joe were also mentally therapeutic. He was great company and I found myself sharing the ups and downs of my life with him - all while sweating buckets and panting in between sets of course. Joe will push you just the right amount (which is more than you’d be able to push yourself), but will always understand your real limits and never let you strain yourself or do too much. Training with him is the best investment into your body you’ll make." Jeremy - CEO "I've been a regular gym goer for over a decade. Since I met Joe and started following his programs, my training has completely changed gear and reached a whole new level I'd never experienced before. His detailed, smart and precisely structured gym routines are truly effective and most importantly, great fun to do! I'd recommend him to anyone, beginner or advanced, wanting to see real results." Sergio - London "Joe has the ability to squeeze an 15% when you think you have no more. His training is extremely well structured to your personal goals and not a one size fits all generic programme. Most importantly he goes that extra mile with time and effort because he is passionate about results and what he believes in." James - CEO
documentary and extreme challenge ﷯"Jon Stratford is one of the most motivational physical trainers I have ever met – and I have met quite a few in my years of being a sportsman and adventurer. He achieves amazing results that transform the trainee’s body, mind and spirit all at the same time. This is his secret of course because he realises the fundamental truth that the body and mind are so closely linked that one cannot change or improve one without the other. Jon is a hard taskmaster but because he quickly wins your trust and makes it immediately clear that he genuinely cares about your progress, you immediately try to rise to his high standards. Jon trained me for 32 weeks and helped me rise to the greatest challenge of my life – that was to attempt the four Commando tests in order to win an honorary green beret. I was 55 at the time – some 35 years older than the average recruit – so this was an immense task for both of us. Many was the time over the course of the eight months training that I did not think I would make it but Jon kept ‘picking me up’ and persuading me I could carry on. So motivational was he and so supportive that I often carried on just because I did not want to let him down. When I eventually passed all the tests and was awarded the green beret I know Jon was a chuffed as I was. In truth – we did it together. This is Jon’s great strength and what makes him stand out as an inspirational physical trainer and motivator. He really cares. Jon is also a lot of fun. So, whilst he will push to your limit or indeed new limits you did not know you could achieve, he will always manage to inject a sense of fun which makes the pain a little easier to bear! I would not hesitate in recommending Jon Stratford to anyone wanting to rise to any physical, mental or emotional challenge. His approach to training would ideally suit individual sportsmen as well as teams attempting arduous challenges like mountaineering, arctic treks and ocean rowing. You name it – Jon Stratford will get you there." Chris Terrill, anthropologist, author, film maker, adventurer - London
commando raid "2 months with @commandoactive and @JonStratford in Green Park = results. Lost 4.5kgs, body fat down 5.5%, stronger and fitter. Thanks Jon" Neil M, London "What an awesome way to workout! Great exercises and excellently run! Looking forward to the next class" Groupon client "Excellent training sessions...recommend to everyone!" Kim H - Exmouth "As always an excellent class!!! That's why I love it... Always different... The group dynamic is brilliant; what a lovely bunch... Everyone is supportive, encouraging and friendly... It's competitive, but in a non competitive way!" Maria S, London "It's all about the discipline, the infectious motivation and raw personal qualities that make Commando Raid unique" Flo, Commando Active Team, London "In just the one month of coming to Commando Raid my running has improved! I'm beginning to feel like me again!!!" Maria S, London
Instructor mentor A huge thank you for being the best teacher ever, most tolerant mentor and most supportive colleague ever and for reaffirming my core belief that climbing must be linked to chocolate! TH - London
Documentary and Extreme Environment ﷯ Jon Stratford is a breath of good, common sense, fresh air in a world of over complicated, faddy trainers. He's got an impressive Royal Marines PT background and he knows his stuff. He's up to date with latest methods of getting you into great shape fast but he can see through the bull s*** of nonsensical gimmicks easily. He's always positive - but not in an annoying aerobics instructor way! If you are going to see someone several times a week to train you they need to have the ability to work out how you operate and get the best out of you. I would say Jon is a master of that and he would often take a fairly stressed-out unmotivated me at the beginning of a session and somehow the session would have ended and we'd have done a really tough workout and my legs would be shaking after. I used him in the build up to my latest Discovery Channel series and would not think twice about using him again if I had to get in shape fast for any event. His depth of knowledge and intelligence allows him to be adaptable and place him head and shoulders above the majority of the competition. Ed Stafford, Guinness World Record-holding European Adventurer of the Year 2011 - London
Rugby and sprint training Jon is a truly extraordinary teacher, trainer and motivator. He draws on a lifetime of high level experience to get you where you want to go in a targeted, interesting and intelligent way, far beyond what you could ever achieve alone. Strongly recommended! Michael M - London
Polar Explorer
﷯ Jon has trained me for the past 3 years and I cannot thank him enough. He understands what is needed to enable performance at the highest level, both physically and mentally. He knows that personal development comes from having the right mindset as well as a strong body. He works on both. For me one of his strongest talents was listening to what I wanted to achieve and helping me in the best way possible. He certainly didn’t have a “One program fits all” attitude. Ann Daniels, record breaking polar explorer - Exeter
World Record Solo Atlantic Rower ﷯ Jon and I began training as I was preparing to row across the Atlantic Ocean solo. Jon’s background as a Royal Marine PTI puts him at the top of his field, but it is his wealth of knowledge in expedition fitness, mental as well as physical preparation, nutrition and first-hand experience of ultra-endurance events that makes him one of the top trainers in the country. All of Jon’s advice and training was key to a successful crossing and dealing with the rigors of 82 days rowing an ocean. Tommy Tippetts, Guinness World Record-holder in Atlantic rowing - London
Ultra Marathon ﷯ Thank you Jon! I would never have made it to the start line of the Marathon de Sables, let alone the numerous finish lines without your help and guidance. Harriet H - London
Residential Fitness Retreat "I guarantee that he (Jon) will make you feel like you can achieve anything and everything!" Suze L - Bristol "Jon is one of the most dedicated and inspirational trainers I have ever met. No matter how big or small your challenge or objective you may feel your goal is, Jon's approach is the same and provides the motivation and guidance to help you get there. I had the opportunity to be trained by Jon for a week at UBC. He taught me how to push not only my body but my mind to help me achieve my goals. I went from just about able to run round the block to having the motivation to complete my first marathon and regular in the half marathon circuit. As someone being trained by Jon you are not just another client, you matter and your goal is his goal." Sarah P, London